Style Inspiration Board… Resort 2015


Believe it or not, I DO pay attention to the fashion shows every season. Even though I’m pretty much sitting out going to fashion week for the foreseeable future. (Really, I prefer to sleep, and watch from my iPad).

One of the reasons why I pay attention to fashion shows is to help me edit and figure out where my wardrobe is heading. Since I’ve started keeping a Pinterest board, it’s been helpful to look at all the images to see where my mind is in terms of style. It’s helped me to identify which colors, silhouettes, and fabrics interest me. Sure, of course it can be done with online shops, but I like to see what’s coming more than being tempted to buy everything (and I DO have a problem buying clothes… too many clothes.)

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, I’m really loving this year’s resort collections. More so than before. They’re toned down, more wearable, and more inspiring to my own personal life. Especially as I embark on honing in on my own personal style. No more fleeting trends (well, ok, I’ll indulge here and there). But trying to make something that’s really ME. Not someone I wish I could be, but someone I am on my best days.


I really tried to narrow them down, so here goes… my inspiration picks for my current and near future wardrobe:

Altuzarra: CFDA winner, really won my heart with this red on red number. Love that fringe detail. Think a DIY project is on its way.


Rag & Bone: My favorite with its playful twists on classic details.

Bone_002_1366.1366x2048 Bone_resort15

Rachel Comey: Does effortless chic like no one else. Love the fit and flow of these fabrics.

Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook


Kaelen.. love this twist on eyelets.


Proenza Schouler: They are such pattern masters it’s incredible. Love how they make black white and grey come to life.


Stella McCartney… there are a lot of culottes floating around for the next few seasons, but the way these are structured goes beyond trend.


As a San Franciscan, I’m always looking at how to style coats. Love this Suno coat paired with vertical stripes.


Maybe because it’s because I lived around these Chinatown streets for a few years, or maybe it’s because red is my favorite color, but yeah.. this Tanya Taylor look will definitely be attempted by me.


Nothing says class like white on white. I love how delicate, yet not precious this Wes Gordon look is.


Yigal Azrouel always does a fantastic job of turning something frumpy (midi pencil skirt) into something sexy. Even though I won’t be wearing a crop top, I think I will be experimenting with this as well.



What are you looking at for your near future wardrobe?

jennineStyle Inspiration Board… Resort 2015

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  1. leslie h

    The R&b and Rachel Comey, yes 100% amazing. In the past I couldn’t relate to resort because it was typically over the top and limited in wearable scope, but you’re right, it is becoming more accessible. I approve.

    1. Post

      I know, right? Even though I love the grandness of the big fashion shows, the little resort collections seem to hit that spot where wearablity meets aspiration. Relatable, yet inspirational. I hope fashion takes a turn this way for real. Time will tell!

  2. Francesca

    Love the selection: minimalist and feminine at the same time. Those Stella McCartney coulottes and the Rag & Bone have me drooling.
    I have seen the Resort collections growing in importance commercially (more space is given to them in the stores) and from a designer’s standpoint (i.e. wider selections, more expanded collections, many looks, special prints or embroideries). Which one do you think came first, the attention of the designers or the one of the buyer?

    1. Post

      Ooohh I think you coined where I’m heading, minimalist and feminine! Thank you! But yes, culottes, can’t wait to wear them!

      I think Fashion designers (with a capitol “F”) and buyers both needed to increase the importance the inbetween collections because of the impact of fast fashion and the digital age. Now we cycle through trends so fast there needs to be “more” so to speak to chew on, just to keep the digital publications chattering about the brands. I don’t know how they are pulling it off, it seemed like two collections a year was enough for most designers… who knows if they can keep it up.

  3. Kori

    So many great looks! Especially the Altuzarra. Have a great weekend darling! Kori xoxo


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