Summer Staple: The Denim Shirtdress


Since moving to San Francisco, I have become a weather wimp. Like, if it dips below 60° I’m cold. If it goes above 68° I’m hot. So basically, there is an 8° window when I’m just fine. Luckily, that’s most days here, but since moving to Potrero Hill, we get more sunny warm days than any other part of the city. So if you’re coming to SF for vacation and don’t want to see fog, well, we don’t have any hotels, but I’m sure you can AirBnB a place here.

Anyway! Let’s see, summer.

When it gets hot, the thing is, I hate wearing anything constricting. Anything complicated. Or basically anything at all. I would wear a muumuu if it were socially acceptable. And hey, maybe I will anyway! But on hot days like we had yesterday, I find wearing a shirt dress is the best thing. I’ve tried to wear those white shirtdresses, but most of them are basically see-through, and well, I’m not Rihanna or Cher. But a lightweight denim shirtdress is always great to have on hand. You can just throw it on. Wear it with sandals, flats, heck, even dress it up with a pair of heels. You can belt it up, but most of the time I wear a crossbody handbag because it’s convenient and also *I think* it gives the shirt dress a bit of shape. Even if it really doesn’t do anything to show off my actual shape. It’s a mental thing. Anyway, I paired this dress with a pair of sandals and crossbody handbag, along with a statement cuff to make it an “outfit.” And when I get home, take off all the accessories, and wella! I can lounge around the house in this thing because it’s so comfortable. Now, that’s a double duty dress!

Wearing: Denim dress • J Crew Factory • Bag: Sophie Hulme • Sandals: Zara • Sunglasses: Celine • Cuff: Nordstrom Rack

jennineSummer Staple: The Denim Shirtdress

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  1. Lisa

    Agreed! I have one from Banana Republic, and the only bad thing I can say about it is it’s always in the hamper because I wear it so much. :)

    1. Post

      Oh I saw the ones at Banana had great ratings! Will have to pop in and see how it is on me. You’re right, this spends way too much time in the hamper. Must get a few more!

  2. grechen

    haha! i’m exactly the same when it comes to weather tolerance - i have a very small window where i’m comfortable. then again, if i’m not in the sun, i’m cold, no matter what…i’m a lizard :)

    i love that shirt dress! i have one from H&M last year that i like, but even though it’s a big big on me standing up, it’s not that comfortable to sit around in. maybe because it buttons all the way down?

    1. Post

      Oh yeah, I think the popover style is much easier to wear especially if it hits above the knee. I always feel a bit exposed with the ones that button down all the way! J Crew Factory is having a sale now on them, while they’re more expensive than H&M, I feel like the quality is much better (not to say I don’t have my fair share of H&M pieces!). :)

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