Hi, I’m Jennine and I am a Sugar Addict


Years ago, before I started blogging, Candy Addict was seriously one of my favorite blogs. Seriously.

I love all things sweet. I would eat cake for breakfast, cookies for lunch and chocolate for dinner if I could. When I try to be “healthy” I’ll just stock up on fruit and juice, and lots of bread.

I think I’m moderating, but when I really look at what I’m eating, and drinking, there is sugar in almost every meal and snack I ingest. I mean, what’s lunch without dessert? I was thinking I didn’t have “dessert” with my breakfast, but drinking four cups of coffee with each a spoonful of sugar. Lunch with a few pieces of candy, cookies or donuts for afternoon snacks, dinner just not complete without chocolate to “cleanse the palette.”

This doesn’t even cover all the hidden sugars. This is the blatant sugar I eat every day. Sometimes I eat so much my nerves feel like they’re buzzing, my skin feels greasy, and a mild headache sets in.

Why “Quit” Sugar?

Nothing makes my eyes roll faster than hearing about the latest fad diet. Remember all the “Fat Free” rage? Then it carbs became evil. Don’t even get me started on gluten, vegan, wheat.. whatever. But quitting sugar? Is it a fad or common sense?

The average American eats almost 100 pounds of sugar a year.

We all know about the obesity epidemic, since the average American eats almost 100 pounds of sugar per year, and one-third of calories in our diets. While I personally am not obese, and really only a few pounds from my “ideal” weight, there is something about sugar that concerns me, and it’s the addictive qualities.

My Experience with Quitting…

In my life, I’ve “quit” a lot of things. More than just quitting the gym. I quit “fast food” (except while traveling) in 1995.  I quit with the “recreational substances” in 2003. I quit drinking alcohol in 2005. I quit smoking in 2007. I’ve gone on and off anti-depressants since 2007. I quit daily coffee from 2011-2013. Each surrender has been it’s own unique lesson. However, since Monday, trying to go without added sugar has been rough. All I can think about are cookies. And when I’m out and about, it seems I get hungry, and all that is around are sweets.

It feels like when I tried to quit smoking, it was hard. That feeling in your mouth that you really want that next cigarette hard. Only now it’s donuts. I’ve heard people say it’s harder than quitting heroin. And though I’ve never tried heroin much less quit it, I can say quitting added sugar is a HELL of a lot easier than quitting alcohol.

So that’s my spectrum. I know I can do this. In fact, the fact that it’s HARD only makes me more certain that my sugar habits were not good.

Anyway. That’s where I am now. It’s not really “fashion” or “style” related. But it’s something I thought to share with you.

Have you “quit” sugar? What has your experience been?

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jennineHi, I’m Jennine and I am a Sugar Addict