Chic Boutiques: The Podolls Bring “Cool” to The Suburbs


I grew up in the suburbs. And the whole time, I just ached to get to the city where all the “cool” stuff was.  So, with rare exception my entire adult life has been spent within city limits. That said, I do love those special trips out of the city to visit the mall, eat at a chain restaurant, among other suburban clichés.

Granted the Bay Area has an abundance of cool things to visit outside of San Francisco, but still rare is it to find something that would fit just as well in SoHo, New York than it would in a small, albeit affluent village like Burlingame.

The Podolls boutique is just that boutique. Originally opened to feature their namesake label, The Podolls, (which I’ve been a fan of for years.) Josh and Lauren Podoll have branched out by contextualizing their collection and carried other brands that you can easily pair with their pieces. Rarely does one wear a look head to toe by one designer, and so finding the right pieces to make your wardrobe pop takes a bit of hunting. Since their label is produced locally using fabrics sourced from mostly India and Japan. Lauren told me about one of the fabrics was hand woven at the rate of seven inches per day. Oh my goodness, it really makes you appreciate the fabric knowing it takes that long to weave! Don’t even get me started on how slowly I knit, so I get it.

Here is Lauren Podoll, one half of the husband and wife team…


These bracelets are available for sale…


There are also things for children to go with their Podots collection.


This Mini Rodini swimsuit makes me want a baby girl… Or, do you think Jasper would mind wearing this? ;)

girls_swimsuit_podolls_boutique1 podolls_boutique1

These Freda Salvador shoes are now on my wish list!



Clare V. another designer I have been a fan of for years is carried in this boutique, here with an added horse hair tassel.


RGB nail polish, my favorite!


Westward Leaning Sunglasses with the Lauren Manoogian bracelets and Clare V. clutch.



I would have taken my own photos of what was in the boutique, but I’m not so great at taking photos on hangers. So, I’ll show you my favorite picks from their current Spring 14 collection:

SS14BateauDress SS14IkatPants

This top is made with that seven inches per day fabric…

SS14JewelDotPants SS14LongShirt SS14MarketBlack SS14TeeSkirt SS14UniformCham SS14WorkSuit

jennineChic Boutiques: The Podolls Bring “Cool” to The Suburbs

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  1. déjà pseu

    Ok, I’m absolutely JONESING for those Freda Salvador shoes. And everyone is out of my size…this may mean rehab.

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