AYR Fall 2014 Lookbook: A Collection of Favorite Pieces


I’ve shared recently that I was trying to hone in on what my “style” was by setting limitations. Wearing classic clothing that works with almost any other piece in my wardrobe has become almost a quest for me. That, and finding new places other than my standby: J. Crew, H&M, Zara, Shopbop, The RealReal, and whatever they’re selling on Amazon rounds.  Seriously, I’m that lazy.

While I’ve heard great things about Everlane, one brand that I literally just heard of, AYR launched in February. AYR is a contemporary brand that focuses the design around their collections around their “favorite pieces.” You know, like that pair of jeans you always wear, or that sweater you live in. They also partner with an artist every season for to limited edition graphic tees, this Spring it’s Amy Woodside. Each edition is hand printed in Brooklyn, so you’re almost like getting a piece of art on your shirt.

AYR is a contemporary brand that focuses the design for their collections around their “favorite pieces.”

The Fall Lookbook is just that. Timeless, basic and ultimately wearable in the best sense. I love the minimal approach with details here an there that are very much of the moment. I’m really truly loving this wave of minimalism, for those who have other things than fashion to think of, one could just throw some clothes on and look great. What more can you ask for?

AYR_Fall201413 AYR_Fall201412 AYR_Fall201411 AYR_Fall201410 AYR_Fall201409 AYR_Fall201408  AYR_Fall201406 AYR_Fall201405 AYR_Fall201404 AYR_Fall201403 AYR_Fall201402 AYR_Fall201401


Visit AYR at ayr.com

jennineAYR Fall 2014 Lookbook: A Collection of Favorite Pieces

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  1. Francesca

    1 each please :) just kidding (but not really). Love the mellow flair and the fact that they pair everything with Adidas

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