The LBD With a Twist


I have a thing about dresses. Ok, I have a thing about my arms. Dresses I’m fine with. My upper arms are not a part of my body I enjoy sharing with the public. If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you might think, “Wow, Jennine has a lot of insecurities about her body.” And you are right. I would get into the whole “self-acceptance” thing, but then, what would obsess with in my spare time? World peace? Gender equality? The environment?


Sort of. Actually, I do think about the aforementioned things, but then get overwhelmed, and think, “Oh hey, my hands are looking old. Wonder if there is a creme for that.” Then I start googling anti-aging hand cremes.

To get back to my original point… The thing that used to deter me from dresses was the whole body/shame thing that made me have a list of requirements to fill:

  1. It has to cover my upper arms.
  2. It has to cover my cleavage.
  3. I have to be able to wear a bra with it.

And for about a year, the dress also had to be accessible for nursing my son.

Often times black dresses that fill all those requirements will also look like something an Old Italian Widow would wear. I don’t know what they wear exactly. But I imagine it’s black and modest.

So yeah, when I found this Acne dress, I was happy. It covered where it needed to, but the beige mesh (similar to what a figure skater wears) was just enough to give a hint of flesh without actually showing the objects of my insecurities. I wore it to my anniversary dinner date and it was able to still look sharp after eating a three course meal. It’s also versatile enough to wear to a meeting or on a hot day. So yeah, I’d say that this little black dress, minimal in character can get maximum usage.

Wearing: Dress: Acne • Bag: Sophie Hulme • Sunglasses: Celine • Shoes: Clarks

jennineThe LBD With a Twist

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  1. Queen Michelle

    I’m glad I’m not the only woman ‘of a certain age’ who gets tangled up in the fear of showing the tops of her arms and her cleavage. I have tortured myself for the last 2 years as I realised that whilst my face remains wrinkle free, my body refuses to comply similarly. I do a lot of ballet yet my arms remain all soft and baggy. My core is hard as a rock but age dictates that the layer of middle age spread on top won’t budge. And my breasts have grown a full cup out of nowhere! It’s frustrating not only because I dislike intensely what I see in the mirror, it’s more the feeling of powerlessness to change it. It’s vanity, sure, but it’s also a grim reminded that I’m actually going down the hill rather than up it now. Ugh!

  2. Kim and Proper

    I feel the same way, which is why I started an (on-line) dress company kimandproper.com
    In looking in to ways to improve my brand new blog I found IFB, then Jennine, then The Coveted. Love all.
    My dresses are all the “right length”, have sleeves (except for some summer linen ones) yet are slim and sexy. I know this is a bald-faced promotion, but I couldn’t help myself…

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