Look, Ma! No Hands! 11 Chic Fanny Packs



A few months ago, while looking for a new bag, I asked Twitter if I should get a fanny pack or a cross body bag. Twitter peeps voted on the cross body, but months later, I can’t get that dang fanny pack out of my mind? Maybe it’s because I’m chasing an almost-walking baby. Or maybe my pockets aren’t big enough. Or maybe I’m tired of my handbag swinging around the front every time I have to pick up my baby.

Or just maybe fanny packs…. are fast becoming a “thing.”

I tried on a fanny pack at the Podoll’s Boutique, and now I can’t stop thinking about how it will make my life easier. Big enough to fit the essentials: wallet, phone, keys, the fanny pack strapped to your waist won’t go anywhere, and you can even wear it with a shirt dress or a blazer without much fuss. What more can you ask?



  1. Alex Bender Belt Bag $69.73
  2. Erin Dana: Evan Large Fanny Pack $198
  3. Clare V.: Supreme Large Fanny Pack
  4. On Lock Belt Bag $38
  5. Tory Burch Leather Belt Bag $325
  6. Newbark Leather Belt Bag $990
  7. B-Low the Belt: Samantha Belt Bag $225
  8. MICHAEL Michael Kors Perf Belt Bag $87.99
  9. Mishka Bags: White Leather Belt Bag $110
  10. Adya & Co Small Snake Bag $199
  11. B-Low the Belt: Belt Bag $325

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jennineLook, Ma! No Hands! 11 Chic Fanny Packs

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  1. Cherry

    Ah a fanny pack! In the UK we officially call these bum bags so I have a hard time taking them seriously but when I see it in a tan leather version I could be tempted!!

    1. Post
  2. Jane

    I am all about the bum bag or fanny pack. These versions (love the Clare V ones) are so much more luxe than the terrible ones from the 80′s & 90′s.

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