Samuji: The Pursuit of Timelessness


It may be the middle of summer, but if you’re anything like me, you might already be setting your eyes (and your wish list) to fall.

Recently, I came across this Finnish brand, Samuji, which has exactly the look I’ve been coveting this year. Classic, futuristic, simple, rich in texture and silhouettes, this three-year-old label shares very much the direction many other fashion designers are taking these days: pursuing timelessness.

The pleated trousers with a slightly wide leg and cropped at the ankles look like a pair of slacks had a baby with a pair of culottes. So if you’re afraid to try culottes, but want a pair of updated pants, this is your lucky day. Sumuji’s boxy but lavish wool coats and crisp button down shirts, the collections do have a ring of timelessness, but, in a way, that’s very 2014. I do already own pieces that are in a lot of ways similar to what’s in this collection, but for some reason I still want everything here anyway.





jennineSamuji: The Pursuit of Timelessness

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  1. Mercedes

    Those trousers are great, a bit goofy, but in a good way! I don’t see so much Finland, though, more Sweden in the designs and colours.

  2. jen

    I am dying for that navy A-line skirt and jacket, and for a perfectly-fitted black dress like the one in the second row from the bottom.

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