The Young Family McCartney


You’ll have to pardon my lazy post today.

I was working on another post, for Eat, Sleep, Denim (The Beatles in Denim) and while researching, I came across this photo of Stella Mary McCartney as a baby tucked into Paul’s jacket. I just about fell out of my chair! You know, one of those moments when your ovaries burst? That happened.

Then getting lost in a Pinterest spiral, I kept finding more and more photos of the family McCartney. So much love! You could really see it in the photos. We all love our babies, our parents, our siblings, etc. but how often are we able to capture that on film (or pixels)? It’s not so easy. Anyway, this post has nothing to do with anything, but just how much I was touched by this beautiful family.

And… they are also very cool.


paul_stella1paul_stella_linda9 paul_stella_linda8
paul_stella5 paul_stella4 paul_stella3

This just about killed me with cuteness!paul_stella2 paul_stella_linda6 paul_stella_linda5 paul_stella_linda4paul_stella_linda1


jennineThe Young Family McCartney

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  1. Jen

    I just saw the re-release of the new print of “A Hard Day’s Night” and am totally crushing out on the Beatles. That movie is so spontaneous and fun and captures such a special moment in time, with all the girls screaming and the Beatles so young and fresh. Not to mention all the great style in the movie…

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