How to Tame Your Wild Bangs


I have fine hair that blows in the wind. Or, even minor changes in the movement of air, my hair will move. I guess that’s great for some things, but for having bangs, wild hair has its disadvantages. For years, I had no idea what my bangs would do as soon as I stepped out the door. So, I talked to my hairdresser about my issue, and he gave me some inspirations. He didn’t tell me to do what I do, but he did make a recommendation that inspired me to try this method of taming my wild bangs.

Hint: It’s all in the roots.

Other hint: Watch this video! ;)

Eek. I always get nervous trying to do video. But also, it’s kinda fun!

jennineHow to Tame Your Wild Bangs

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  1. Raissa | The Leather Fanny Pack

    These are amazing tips, thank you so much for making this video! I just cut bangs into my hair and was regretting the decision after stepping into the wind on a hot day when they became all sweaty and wild. I’m definitely going to try this method to tame them.


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