Harem Pants: The Slow-Burn Trend



I remember way back in 2008, I found this pair of harem pants at a flea market. Excited about them, I posted them on this blog saying that one should be careful to mix your vintage (looks) or you’ll look like you’re in a time warp.

Well, the harem pant has indeed had quite a few updates from the 90′s and even the late aughts. They never blew up the way they did during the MC Hammer days, but they have never quite gone away either. I realized that recently when I had lunch with Grechen and she wore a pair of jersey harem pants that are just amazing, and then I picked up a pair of army harem pants that are basically the first thing to get worn after laundry day every time.

Things like the harem pant are what I call “slow-burning trends.” They are definitely trends because they are not timeless staples.  They aren’t ubiquitous, but they hang around for a while. These are the ones I tend to look for, the ones slightly off the radar, but still on the radar. No, not everyone can wear harem pants not for body type but more for frame of mind. I can tell you though, they are super comfortable.

Wearing: Jacket & Harem Pants: Zara • Tee Shirt: Marine Layer • Sunglasses: Celine • Bag: Proenza Schouler • Shoes: Jeffery Campbell • Necklace: House of Harlow

Photo by Kristen Philipkoski

jennineHarem Pants: The Slow-Burn Trend

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  1. Kristen

    So true, they’re slow burners! And I’m glad, b/c I have a few pairs I’m ready to break out again. You look super cute btw :)

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    I don´t like pants nor do I wear them ( could be my big bum, but that is another matter, lol)You look ok on these harem pants, but I have seen the hippy ones and you can only match them with a dog full of fleas.
    The problem with all pants is that they are too comfortable and you are at risk of letting go for good, hahhahha.
    Love your shoes so very much

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