Wishing for Fall


So yeah, I’m basically wearing things I’ve owned forever. A lot of it is that I still have boxes of clothes from before I was pregnant, that between the pregnancy and the getting back to my pre-pregnancy body it’s been a few years, and a continent away. In my box of “fall/winter” clothes are a lot of knits, wool, leather, materials lush and cozy. But here in California, there really isn’t a need for it. You can still wear sweaters and leather, but it’s not like in New York where you NEED to have warm clothes or you’ll be hating life.

I grew up in warm weather places, and for some reason the stores would always carry heavy coats and sweaters that someone in San Diego would never have use for but maybe two days a year. I would dream of one day being able to wear hats and gloves and have lush coats. I lived that dream and well, it’s not as exciting as I thought it would be. When you live in real seasons, every season is great, then it sucks. So basically, no matter where you go, you’ll always yearn for something else.

That said, I do love wearing various textures, and the bonus of Northern California is that it’s cool enough to actually wear sweaters as long as they aren’t too heavy. You don’t need socks or tights. You can layer a little bit. I’m dressing for fall even though “fall” in my neck of the woods looks the same as January or April.

Wearing: Sunglasses: Super • Bag: MCM • Sweater gift from Massimo Dutti • Leather Skirt • Raoul • Shoes: Prada

[Photo by Stylenik]


jennineWishing for Fall

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  1. Jess

    I remember first seeing this skirt on your blog a few years ago. I’m still trying to find the perfect dupe!


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