Halloween Inspiration: Pierrot the Clown


Clowns pretty much scare everyone. The scary makeup. The enormous feet. The nose that honks. The Stephen King books. I pretty much get nightmares every time I see a clown. So what makes a better Halloween costume than that of a clown?

Ok, there are several, like sexy jellyfish, or sexy Diet Coke, but I happen to be hosting a carnival themed Halloween party for toddlers and babies, so sexy costumes are totally inappropriate. As are scary ones. So how do you make a clown less scary? Make them chic! I’m going to be a “Pierrot” a  mute clown born of the late 1700′s , Pierrot was the clown who pined for the love of Columbine, a lady clown who would always choose Harlequin. Pierrot would eventually become “an alter-ego of the artist, specifically of the famously alienated artist of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.” Pierrots are also an easy home-made costume, because it really only requires a collar, a white cone hat, or black scull cap, white clothes and pom-poms either sewn or pinned as buttons. A costume that can quite go from scary to chic.

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jennineHalloween Inspiration: Pierrot the Clown

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