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It’s funny how we all like to talk about ourselves, but when it comes to writing “about” yourself, the words seem to disappear.

So, let’s give this a shot.

I’m a blogging junky. How many blogs have I started? Well, besides The Coveted (2007),  I have founded and currently run two other blogs: Independent Fashion Bloggers (2007) and Eat, Sleep, Denim (2010). Then there is that blog I don’t keep up anymore, but think I will return to some day…  Shoe Kitten (2011).

I am married. I have a son. I live in San Francisco. I’m almost 40.

I love watching nerdy TV shows, hate romantic comedies. I do love cupcakes, but mostly because they are made of cake, which I also love.

What else do you want to know?


The Coveted:

The Coveted is a personal blog. I don’t really know what that means entirely. I like to shake things up. Challenge myself and other people. I like to dress simply, yet with style. Mostly, I like writing about stuff that makes you think, and also stuff that gives you a break from thinking.


I don’t like to make rules. Seriously, I don’t. However, over the years, I’ve noticed that having a few ground rules keeps everyone happy.

  • GIFTING: If you would like to send me something, I’m so grateful… though my policy is that gifted items may or may not get coverage on the blog. I can’t make any promises. Though I do try my best to share the cool stuff with my readers, so if you have cool stuff… let’s talk!
  • SPONSORING: If you would like to partner with The Coveted, please get in touch.
  • REVIEWS: All reviews are my own opinion. I do not sell “reviews.” However, if you would like to do a sponsored post, let’s talk.
  • AFFILIATE LINKS: There are affiliate links on The Coveted, so if you do not want me to make money from the links you click on. Don’t click on any links. Seriously, I’m grateful if you do, but if you don’t… that’s cool too!
  • COMMENTS: As for comments, I realize that many people do not agree with me, and that’s cool. Comments do go through moderation before publishing, so your comment may not appear right away. The only ones I do not publish are ones that use abusive language either towards me, towards the people mentioned on my posts or the other commentors. I reserve the right to decide which comments contribute to a conversation, and which ones are not-productive.

Anything else? Get in touch. jennine@thecoveted.net

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