How the Simplicity of Alex Katz Inspires My Style


The worlds of fashion and art constantly cross paths. Moschino’s MacDonald’s handbags nod to the pop-art of Andy Warhol, think Campbell’s soup cans and Brillo pads. Or, in photography, think that 1999 Steven Meisel editorial of Nicole Kidman reenacting John Singer Sargeant paintings. Painters may not exactly follow trends the way fashion designers do, but they do feed off of their …

jennineHow the Simplicity of Alex Katz Inspires My Style

Pretty or Chic?


I used to go to this early morning support group. 6am early. In order to get there, I would just roll out of bed, throw on a sweatshirt, ratty jeans, sneakers and a baseball cap and go. For months, I did this. Then I got a job which required me to be there at 8am, so I woke up early …

jenninePretty or Chic?

Samuji: The Pursuit of Timelessness


It may be the middle of summer, but if you’re anything like me, you might already be setting your eyes (and your wish list) to fall. Recently, I came across this Finnish brand, Samuji, which has exactly the look I’ve been coveting this year. Classic, futuristic, simple, rich in texture and silhouettes, this three-year-old label shares very much the direction …

jennineSamuji: The Pursuit of Timelessness

Look, Ma! No Hands! 11 Chic Fanny Packs


  A few months ago, while looking for a new bag, I asked Twitter if I should get a fanny pack or a cross body bag. Twitter peeps voted on the cross body, but months later, I can’t get that dang fanny pack out of my mind? Maybe it’s because I’m chasing an almost-walking baby. Or maybe my pockets aren’t …

jennineLook, Ma! No Hands! 11 Chic Fanny Packs

Do Your Denims Match?


Four years ago, when double-denim first came “back” the rule was to make sure your denims had a high contrast. Meaning: If your jeans are dark denim, your shirt must be light denim. These days, there are no rules with denim. You can mix your denims. And you can match your denims. It’s all pretty much whatever works. Lately, though, …

jennineDo Your Denims Match?

11 American Fashion Inventions We Just Cannot Live Without

When it comes to thinking of “American” fashion, most of us just think of American designers. That the real innovators of fashion somehow all go to Paris or Milan, maybe even London. The truth is, beyond design, Americans have also innovated the fashion industry by inventing things we cannot live without. No, not the iPhone. I’m talking things like jeans. …

jennine11 American Fashion Inventions We Just Cannot Live Without

Stylish & Eco-Friendly Lounging in Les Lunes


I would like to say that as a fashion blogger, that I am always perfectly dressed at all times. Even if I’m working from home and am not seeing anyone who doesn’t live in the apartment all day. The truth is, a lot of times I’m wearing sweatpants or leggings or jersey shorts, with a tee shirt, or a tank …

jennineStylish & Eco-Friendly Lounging in Les Lunes