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Halloween in My Closet: Part 7: Retro Flight Attendant

Well, today’s the big day! Happy Halloween! It was close, Beetlejuice almost won with 4 requests by  Violetville, Cecile, Noël, Lisa Kiddo, and Amber.  But in the end,  Retro Flight attendant won out with 5 (Heather, Lisa Kiddo, Aidan, Sonja, and Samantha). As far as the other requests are concerned, if you wanted to be [...]

Halloween in My Closet: Part 6: Cat Woman

Even though I relate much more to the crazy cat lady than cat woman… doing up the cat costume is a lot easier than I thought.

I love cats… every day I visit Cute Overload and I Can Has Cheezburger?, and when that’s not enough, I’ll look through Flickr. I will comment on any post with [...]

Links à la MODE: The Independent Fashion Bloggers Roundup

We have superb tips and tricks right in time for Halloween!
Retro Chick gives great ideas for a Stylish Halloween Celebration, Mademoiselle Robot interviews Broken Hearts… Dramatis Personae wigs out,  Dapper Kid fills us in on runway history, and 39thandbroadway gives us some great tips on earning more cash…
If you’ve missed this weeks round, no worries, [...]

Happy Birthday Kezia!

Today is Kezia’s Birthday… she’s not only my best friend, one who I talk with every day… even when we’re different continents, she’s also a regular contributor, our resident Beauty Editor… I know, there’s been some confusion in the past… like the time when she went on vacation to Hawaii, and my dad who [...]

Halloween in My Closet: Part 5: Natasha Fatale

One of my all-time favorite cartoon villains was Natasha Fatale.

She was sexy, funny, foolish and had a wickedly cool accent. Part of me wanted to be She-Ra, but the other part, the brunette part related more to Natasha Fatale. The spy in 60’s cartoons Rocky and his friends, and the Bullwinkle show. She was the [...]

Forever in Green Jeans

Whether you wear jeans every day, or every now and then… jeans have become an essential part of the modern wardrobe. However, it’s starting to surface that jeans aren’t exactly the most environmentally friendly garment. Here’s why:

Jeans are made of cotton.. while cotton in many ways is superior to synthetic textiles, 25% of the worlds [...]

Halloween in My Closet: Part 4 : The 60’s Housewife

They don’t make housewives like they used to.

First off, I’d like to say I’m sorry for missing the past few days, I’ll make them up… we’ve just been having internet problems, so we missed yesterday. Go figure, just when I say I’ll so something, the internet will betray me.
Today, is Part 4 in my Halloween [...]

Technical difficulties

Hey there…
We had some issues with our internet connection and I’ve been offline… But I’m back, and I’ll start posting soon enough!

Heimstone Skinny Love

A while back I posted about the effortlessly cool Heimstone, it’s amazing how they always know what I want… and make it into a lovely fashion-music video. This upcoming SS09, Antoine Wagner directed the video with same Winona-esque model dancing around to Skiny Love by Bon Iver… and looking so lovely. Thanks B&B for pointing [...]

Halloween in My Closet: Part 3: The Ringleader

Step right up! Ladies and Gentlemen! Kids of aaaalllll ages! It’s the one… the only….

Ringleader in my closet.
I’m not sure why, but with all the circus jobs you can have, I’ve always been most fascinated by the Ringleader…  He’s always trying to look classy, but never quite makes it, a showman without a real show, [...]