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Face or Figure

Past a certain age, to paraphrase iconic French actress Catherine Deneuve, it’s either your face or your figure.
In the late 70s, a woman of a certain age was probably between 35 and 40. The phrase was popularized by psychotherapist Lillian B. Rubin in “Women of a Certain Age: The Midlife Search for Self. Today’s [...]

Oil of Aloha

I’m back from Kauai. OK, I actually returned a few weeks ago. I’ve neglected my Beautiful Tuesdays posts, and I apologize. Here’s what happened. After a fabulously relaxing, idyllic tropical holiday, my relationship ended — and it wasn’t my choice. Anyway, the last few weeks have been rough. For my own mental health, I needed [...]

D.I.Y. Skin Treatments: 3 Delicious Recipes

I love spa treatments as much as the next girl (perhaps more). Still, who wants to spend extra money on treatments and spas? Jennifer Aniston might have a $30K monthly beauty budget, but I sure don’t.If your skin needs a little rejuvenating, try one of these ultra-easy D.I.Y. skin treatment recipes and let the pampering [...]

Two Tickets to Paradise

I’m going to Kauai tomorrow with my boyfriend. I kind of can’t believe it. Other than visiting my family in Michigan, I haven’t taken a trip- let alone a vacation- in years. I think I’ll prefer frolicking in the ocean, snorkeling and hiking the Na Pali coast to hostile family dinners and trips to the [...]

Slim Down the Sassy Way

For the past few years I’ve tried to maintain a carefree, non-judgmental attitude towards food and weight. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten lax about exercise and watching what I eat. The result? I’m 20 pounds heavier that I was 2 years ago and none of my pants fit.
To me, not fitting into clothes that were loose on [...]

I Love Walgreens

I miss seeing Jennine in the real world. Sure, she’s but a click or call (with Skype) away, but still… Without Jennine, my trips to Walgreens just aren’t the same. Our love of Walgreens was so intense that sometimes we’d net 15+ visits a week between us. As Jennine says, fondling beauty products alone [...]

Green Your Routine and Save

I stopped by the SF Library on Saturday to attend an event sponsored by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. And I’m so glad I did. It was energizing and gratifying to see women (and men) of all ages come together for such an important issue. And while the subject of toxic beauty products [...]

Green Makeovers and Non-Toxic Manicures!

Lead in lipstick? Dioxane in baby shampoo? The beauty industry needs a makeover!
Did you know: Popular brands of shampoo, lotion and make-up contain chemicals linked to cancer, infertility and skin damage. Find out what’s in your favorite products and discover the secret to safer alternatives at a free event Saturday, July 19, 12-2 at the [...]

3 Ways to Stay Cool When the Heat is ON

We’re having another heat wave here in the Bay Area. Yesterday was ridiculously hot- and the (lack of) AC in my office didn’t help. I sure picked a great time to shun conventional deodorant/antiperspirant for the natural stuff. I can turn into a rashy, sweaty mess when the temperature rises. Here’s how I [...]

Dangerous Beauty

An Interview with Stacy Malkan
Phthalates scare me. They’re linked to infertility and genital abnormalities in baby boys. Phthalates (a slippery hiss of a word) are many products we use every day, including baby powders, shampoos, lotions, some cosmetics and vinyl shower curtains and more. I learned this and much more in “Not Just a [...]

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