Are Fashion Collaborations About Affordable Luxury Anymore?

When news of Sophia Webster and J.Crew’s collaborating, I went bonkers. I love Sophia Webster’s funky yet classic shoe collections, and my wardrobe has wayyyyyyyyy, wayy, way too much J.Crew for its own good. Match made in heaven? Yes please! When the collaboration was released to the public, of course I had a peek. The first thing I noticed was, the …

jennineAre Fashion Collaborations About Affordable Luxury Anymore?

How Much Can We Trust “Fashion Media” Anyway?

I’m cynical by nature. Heck, I may be the only person on the planet who thinks Breakfast at Tiffanys is a depressing movie (I can’t get it out of my head how Holly Golightly is just so desperate). Anyway, I’m telling you this, because I’ve never really fully trusted “Fashion Media.” You know, the cycles of trends. “In” one day, …

jennineHow Much Can We Trust “Fashion Media” Anyway?

My Husband Hates Leopard Print

Many years ago, my husband and I were at the Vintage Fashion Expo, and while there I thought I would get the “perfect” leopard print coat. You know, that vintage leopard print coat every woman should have in her wardrobe. As I pulled out a leopard print coat which I thought would be the “one” my husband put his hand on …

jennineMy Husband Hates Leopard Print

7 Fashion Icons & Their Uniforms

In the fashion industry, where wearing the same thing twice is a major faux pas some of the most iconic fashion elite have gone the way of wearing their own uniform. Uniforms: they represent sameness, belonging to a greater whole. Yet, the people who have created their own uniform and committed to it are some of the most colorful and eccentric people. Steve Jobs …

jennine7 Fashion Icons & Their Uniforms

Links à la Mode

What Makes You Beautiful? They say “Beauty comes from within,” but then, why are we constantly trying to perfect our outsides? Beauty issues have been making waves on the internet the past few weeks. What makes us beautiful? What is beautiful? Well, those are some pretty heavy questions and perhaps the answer cliche as it is, you know, coming from …

jennineLinks à la Mode

Bag Lust: Reece Hudson

Bags have always been the one piece I have always loved on OTHER people, but when it came to the bag I would like for myself… they’ve always perplexed me. Is it too big, too boxy, to boring? Or is it too small, too floppy, too crazy? OR there’s that thing where the bag I love just cost $2,600. Now …

jennineBag Lust: Reece Hudson

What I Learned About Style From a Man

This isn’t what you think. This isn’t a post about how to dress like a man. Nor is this a post about how to please a man. This is a post about what I have learned about style from men. Most specifically, my husband… since he has great style, and I pretty much see him every day.  Over the years I’ve …

jennineWhat I Learned About Style From a Man