Rude Girls: Johnathan Simkhai’s Ska Inspired AW 2013 Collection


Instead of handing out descriptions Jonathan Simkhai had his moodboard for his presentation handed out. Black and white photocopies of old photos of The Specials, a ska band from 1970′s London. As someone who loved ska music back in high school, and loved photo copied ‘zines, this show might be a revitalizing treat or a cringe-worthy trip down memory lane. …

jennineRude Girls: Johnathan Simkhai’s Ska Inspired AW 2013 Collection

Romanticism Undressed: Alexandre Herchovitch AW 2013


Before leaving for the show, I was trying to get dressed in a way that looked chic enough for fashion week, warm enough for post-blizzard temperatures, and somehow flattering enough with my transforming body. It occurred to me that transforming my wardrobe is now an everyday thing, as I rolled up a fur vest that no longer fit so I …

jennineRomanticism Undressed: Alexandre Herchovitch AW 2013

Statement Coat Trends for Fall


Fall coats are fun. They add layers, and depth to your outfits. They aren’t bulky, they don’t really have to be all that functional, so they tend to be flattering. Have you ever seen a flattering puffy coat? I think not. It’s always fun to go fall coat shopping (less fun to go winter coat shopping), right now I’m looking …

jennineStatement Coat Trends for Fall

What does it mean to “Dress your age?”


It seems like nothing can really prepare you for “growing up.” As a child, I would fantasize about it, though my childhood vision of adulthood meant being allowed to eat an entire tub of Cool Whip. As a teenager, it meant freedom from my parents. As a young adult, it meant being able to afford going out to dinner and …

jennineWhat does it mean to “Dress your age?”

How to Solve the Muffin Top Dilemma


I have a chronic denim dilemma… muffin top! Every time I wear jeans, it always boils down to a choice between muffin top or saggy bottom. What is that? Sucky. That’s what it is. As you know I’m working on another blog called, eat, sleep, denim. Where, I did a review on this product called, Adjust-a-Button…which is pretty much how it …

jennineHow to Solve the Muffin Top Dilemma