California Winter

  Most of my life I lived in California. I had no idea what it meant when people said, “The weather is so beautiful here!” I always just rolled my eyes and said, “Okaaaayy.” It wasn’t until living in New York where it’s hardly ever “perfect.” The freezing winters the smoldering summers, the hurricanes. When I took my first breath …

jennineCalifornia Winter

Winter Whites

  It has been my life long dream to wear a white pant suit. Life. Long. I’m not kidding! My whole life! Having Olivia Pope’s wardrobe would be a dream come true for me, but alas, it’s not something I could REALLY do. Or can I? The one thing I love to do for the holidays is wear winter whites. …

jennineWinter Whites


So, I know the lore is that a lot of fashion bloggers rely on their boyfriends/husbands to take photos of them. I found that it doesn’t work in my relationship with my SO. I rely on my friends for this, especially blogger friends. One of my favorite blogging friends, is Kristen, aka, Stylenik, who we meet and snap photos of each other, …


90′s Revisited & Revised

Here I am awkwardly standing on the street. Anyway… it’s funny how when I hear kids talking about the 90′s it’s not really how I remember it. I don’t remember thinking it was all that cool when it was happening. I do remember thinking everything was so bland. It makes me realizing how my mother must have felt when I …

jennine90′s Revisited & Revised

Fashion Hack: The Denim Swing Coat

It’s been a while since I’ve done some repurposing of my clothes. Back when Rocky and I were living off of 250€ a month, I really didn’t have enough money to splurge on clothes, so most of the time I’d buy from the 1€ bin at the Frankfurt Flea Market and change things up. To be honest, I don’t miss …

jennineFashion Hack: The Denim Swing Coat

Pierrot Halloween Costume, Mostly Homemade

Earlier this week I spoke about what I was going to be for Halloween. Pierrot, the 17th century clown, but obviously, modernized. I’m hosting a carnival themed Halloween party for toddlers, so of course I wanted to have a comfortable, yet fun costume to wear for the day. So after looking through all the images of clowns on Pinterest, I …

jenninePierrot Halloween Costume, Mostly Homemade

Halloween Inspiration: Pierrot the Clown


Clowns pretty much scare everyone. The scary makeup. The enormous feet. The nose that honks. The Stephen King books. I pretty much get nightmares every time I see a clown. So what makes a better Halloween costume than that of a clown? Ok, there are several, like sexy jellyfish, or sexy Diet Coke, but I happen to be hosting a carnival …

jennineHalloween Inspiration: Pierrot the Clown