Wishing for Fall

So yeah, I’m basically wearing things I’ve owned forever. A lot of it is that I still have boxes of clothes from before I was pregnant, that between the pregnancy and the getting back to my pre-pregnancy body it’s been a few years, and a continent away. In my box of “fall/winter” clothes are a lot of knits, wool, leather, materials lush …

jennineWishing for Fall

Whatever happened to pant suits?

So yeah, you might think I’m going talk about how I’m so sorry I wore sweatpants in an outfit post, and how now I’m going to dress up and make an effort. Well, ok, I realize I need to make more of an effort, not just in outfits but in life in general. But alas, I am still wearing the sweat …

jennineWhatever happened to pant suits?

Dress Over Frayed-Hem Jeans

Typically, now isn’t the time to be super into white jeans. But alas, I am. Mostly because I finally worked up the nerve to cut them to the perfect length for my legs. Cropped so they show a little skin between while wearing ankle boots. I’ve also been keeping things simple, color-wise, but experimenting with silhouettes. Earlier this year, I noticed …

jennineDress Over Frayed-Hem Jeans

Harem Pants: The Slow-Burn Trend

  I remember way back in 2008, I found this pair of harem pants at a flea market. Excited about them, I posted them on this blog saying that one should be careful to mix your vintage (looks) or you’ll look like you’re in a time warp. Well, the harem pant has indeed had quite a few updates from the …

jennineHarem Pants: The Slow-Burn Trend

How to Wear Sweatpants Without Looking Like You Gave Up on Life

  Hey there. Apologies for the brief absence. Jasper had a million sicknesses back to back… roseola, pneumonia, bronchitis, and a suspected inhaled green pea. Then we decided it was time to buy a home. So there is that, which I’ll talk about another time. Needless to say, I’ve fallen off the radar in several parts of my life. I’m …

jennineHow to Wear Sweatpants Without Looking Like You Gave Up on Life

The LBD With a Twist


I have a thing about dresses. Ok, I have a thing about my arms. Dresses I’m fine with. My upper arms are not a part of my body I enjoy sharing with the public. If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you might think, “Wow, Jennine has a lot of insecurities about her body.” And you are right. I would …

jennineThe LBD With a Twist

What is The Outfit You Can Just “Throw On?”


When you have a few minutes to get dressed, what do you just throw on? Like your mental ‘go bag’ only it’s your outfit. In reality… and we’re talking real life here. I don’t have a lot of time to get “ready.” Usually I’m trying to put clothes on this squirmy little monkey that doesn’t want to wear clothes and …

jennineWhat is The Outfit You Can Just “Throw On?”