Gentlemen on a Saturday afternoon

It’s time to get more men on my blog. I saw this cat, having coffee at Peets. Dang.. I have never seen this use of a tie, it’s way cool, and the whole ‘man in black’ is just nothing less than awesome…

This guy was rocking out with a GREEN GUITAR on the corner of California and Van Ness… duh, it’s where Guitar Center is… but he was just having the best time. I had to get a photo of him. I particularly dig his James Dean squint thing he’s got going there.

Since I’ve been on a roll with men this morning… which is odd, because I’m in my gym clothes, and no makeup… not looking my best…and I’m usually scared to talk to them… Anyway I see this guy with the cutest black and white dog. I mean, if I didn’t love my cat, Stella so much, I’d get a dog just like this one! This man, has great style for casual attire. Which is hard for men to do, but he’s really got it.

jennineGentlemen on a Saturday afternoon


This morning has been super hectic. I overslept. Went to my first boxing class… which I totallly sucked, but had a ton of fun! Met Drea, the stopped by the Marc Jacobs store… and could not resist getting these:

Heart shaped compact $5, Bangle $10, Finglerless gloves $5.


Black & white

This week, I’ve been noticing alot of black and white… simple and bold. Having lots of black and white patterns in your wardrobe leaves lots of room to play and experiment with other colors. Here’s some bits from my wardrobe…

Cape is a gift from Angel… she got it at American Rag. Thanks love!

Jacket: H&M black and white tweed… brooch from Grandma… my first style inspiration!

jennineBlack & white

Drea’s party…

My life would not be complete with out my friends… the four of us, is such a good group, and everytime we’re together, I just feel so lucky..

Angie, Kezia, Drea… I love you!

Jim Hill expresses his concern.

jennineDrea’s party…


Going out to a birthday party… been running late…
Dresss: H&M
Shoes: Nine West
Tights: Spanx
Earrings: a botiuqe seller… forgot. sorry!


Hello Oscar ; )

The Oscars are Sunday… I’m still waiting to get my invite but that doesn’t stop me from trying to decide what to wear. Right now I’m going to go with Jean Paul Gaultier, mostly because I’v been in an over-the-top mood for let’s say the past 32 years…

I love both these gowns…

This dress is just the most sensuous thing I’ve seen in a while. Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper) in Blue Velvet would go mad.

This one is pure romance. A grown-up princess dress. Who can pass that up?

What would you wear??

jennineHello Oscar ; )


Today I had the best time at lunch with my good friend Erika…

She’s been such an ispration, the way she can make the All-American Look sexy and vivacious. Here, Erika is wearing a turtleneck and trench both from Bebe. Peep-toe pumps with white stitching. A Louis Vuitton bag she got for Christmas from her boyfriend… Some girls have it all!