California Street: Rush hour

On sunny mornings after a good rain, people tend to be really cheery. It was nice to walk to work, and there seemed to be a bit more expressive outfits around today…

I think she is European, There was a homeless man right next to us talking to us, so I didn’t get to ask her many questions. I love the boots and the fur jacket.

White hats always get my attention… This lady really carries it off, I like the way the colors and textures look so intuitively put together. The bag is great.

jennineCalifornia Street: Rush hour

Today’s Attire 02.23.07

Happy Friday! It’s really hard not to wear jeans on Fridays… I don’t know why that is. They never tell me how to dress at work. It’s possible to wear jeans every day, but I like to save them for Fridays. Last weekend, a group of my friends had a clothing swap.. Thanks Angie for organizing it! A good portion of my outfit once belonged to various friends… It’s a really nice feeling.

Headband: Forever21
Turtleneck: H&M
Sweater: Lux
Jeans: Juicy Jeans
Shoes: Dolce & Gabbna
Bangle: Foever21

jennineToday’s Attire 02.23.07


I got this necklace in the mail today, part of my eBay binge! Its a vintage Swarovski crystal on 18″ gold chain. It’s lovely… and it goes with my earrings.. and all my clothes…


Look at me

Have you ever found a photo on the street? I had a friend that collected them. I always rember one of a boy laughing. He looked delighted, like it was his birthday. Look At Me is a project of collection of found photos. ‘These photos were either lost, forgotten, or thrown away. The images now are nameless, without connection to the people they show, or the photographer who took them.’ I was sifting through them amazed about how much the world has changed, yet we still are pretty much the same.

This was taken three blocks from my apartment in 1968. And They look so happy to be strolling down Pine Street. Of course it’s pretty hard to look depressed in a pink dress.
I have a yellow coat too! She looks so fabulous…

Oh summer…

Matching coat and luggage, is the only way to travel.

**Side note. I went back to this site again… It turns out I missed the caption for this photo, it reads….
{349} Dec 19, 1967 Jean leaving for San Francisco.
It makes me smile because I remember how it felt when I moved here.

jennineLook at me

Umbrella Policy

For Some Reason I can’t walk out of the house with a boring umbella. I tried it once, a $5 black one from Walgreens. But it made me self concious. I used to have a Liberty print umbrella for years. It finally disinigrated. Now I have one from H&M. It’s cool, but It may not last the season.

These are ones I would think about getting: Pear Print Umbrella for £38.00. Which should be around $80 nowadays. It’s nice!

Also I found pare*umbrella which has beautiful umbrellas, that look well made…

The lace, lace lace! umbrella… is so girly. It would make me feel as if I was carrying a parasol, waiting for a gentleman to put his cloak over a puddle so my feet dont’ get wet.

jennineUmbrella Policy

Sansome Street: Rush hour

Getting to work in the rain can be a hassle!

I noticed this lady’s galoshes from across the street…. there was a moment where I felt like a paparazzi with shoe envy…

She was very nice… and wished me luck on the blog! Thanks! Anwyay… Even when it’s miserable out… she’s got a white coat (brave considering she’s got a cup of coffee there…) and these blue and yellow Marc Jacobs galoshes. From the Marc Jacobs store on Fillmore.

I found these on Zappos. They’re pretty cool. But after seeing the blue and yellow ones. Hmm…

jennineSansome Street: Rush hour

Today’s Attire 02.22.07

Oy vey! It’s raining out… Luckily it’s not cold too… so in honor of the rainy day, I’m wearing a sunny dress…
Dress: H&M

Jacket: David Meister

Belt: Vintage Ferragamo

Shoes: Franco Sarto

Clutch: LV

Other Accessories: Earrings: dasha botuique, necklace: pearls from Mom!, bracelet: from Grandma’s jewlery stash, brooch: Givenchy tights: H&M

jennineToday’s Attire 02.22.07