La la la my life story…

My name is Jennine.
I was born in the 1970s Silicon Valley to young parents. There is nothing particularly special about my upbringing, except we moved around a lot.

Every since I was very small, I was keenly aware of clothing. All I wanted was to wear dresses and make up. I wanted to be like the women of All My Children. My first crush was on Cookie Monster. I don’t think about him much anymore, but I’m still in love with cookies.

My second love was poetry. As a teenager I imagined myself to be a writer. But I failed English, and well, I wasn’t into school too much, except art classes. I didn’t know how to draw, but I loved art, and faked it, pretty much until they let me into art college, but I didn’t make it there for quite a few years.

The early adult years were just filled with lots of experimenting, places to live, jobs, hair colors, music scenes… you name it. I was married once, for love. And left to because I didn’t know who I was.

These last five years, I’ve spent doing a lot of soul searching, and living life. Right now, I’m a graphic designer…. It’s been wonderful at times and difficult at times, pretty much what life is like for everyone else. The last few years, I adopted two cats, who like to play, and I’ve started this blog.

Things couldn’t be better.

jennineLa la la my life story…


Notorious, is a great Hitchcock film… in this scene I remember thinking… are these post-war swinging parties? How cool! Her striped dress just really pops out in the begining sequence. The dress below I saw on Net-a-porter. Giles Flick Mini Dress I instantly wanted it! If only I had an extra $2,350.00 lying around…

Hitchcock is such a visual treat in terms of story and compsition. Before Grace Kelly, he used Ingrid Bergman for his ‘ideal’ female leads…
She’s gorgeous! Definately a style inspiration.



Angel is my ‘office gal pal’, she’s super cool and totally on top of it. Also a big inspiration for me to try new stuff, like ‘get a nice handbag for pete’s sake!’

This colorful necklace will brighten any day, and the Mulberry bag, is a great balance between trendy and classic. Nice one!


California Street: Rush hour

This lady is a doll! I just love the playful use of black and white… the Proenza for Target coat, looks amazing too bad I wasn’t clued into it, because they’re basically sold out. And the Marc Jacobs bag… nice touch! Also, I noticed she’s got the new Payless Shoes, I’ve been coveting as of late. I tried them on once, and kind of regret not getting them. Besides, white shoes… are great. Most of all I like how sensible and fabulous she is.

jennineCalifornia Street: Rush hour

Today’s Attire 02.21.07

Oh dear, this morning, as been a slacker morning. I put off getting dressed because I wanted a sausage patty for breakfast, and they have a way of working the smell into everything! Anwyay, it’s off to work. I found this shift dress in a thrift store, and I just love it! It makes me feel so Audrey.

Dress: Ann Taylor

Belt: H&M (came with a different dress)

Shoes: Franco Sarto

Sunglasses: Nine West

Other Accessories: Earrings: dasha botuique, necklaces: heirlooms, eBay, bangle: Forever 21, H&M, tights: Spanx (they work!)

jennineToday’s Attire 02.21.07


Yay! I won these on eBay during my eBay binge… they’re kinda the first to teeter in…. (is teeter a word???)

I just love things that are big and gold.


About The Coveted

Ms. Jennine Tamm was raised amongst mall rats and supermarket cuisine. She escaped the throws of cookie-cutter purgatory to learn the streets of New York, to become educated in London, and finally San Francisco, where she keeps her heart. For several years she has been practicing the fine craft of graphic design, and has recently ventured into musing the annals of virtual fashion by writing her blog, THE COVETED. Ms. Tamm is also the founder of Independent Fashion Bloggers, a resource and community of fashion bloggers.

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