Sneak Peek at Tory Burch’s Accessories for Spring

by jennine October 20, 2011

Accessories do make the outfit. They’re also easier to shop for, you don’t have to worry about size and fit and you can wear them every day without rising suspicion… (unlike wearing the same skirt three times a week). This morning I headed out to get a glimpse of Tory Burch’s accessories for Spring. Inspired [...]

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Red Lipstick to Brighten up A Rainy Day

by jennine October 19, 2011

It’s gross and rainy. This time, it’s not just gross and rainy, it’s also got this kind of chilly fall vibe. When it’s like that, I usually turn to red lipstick (as if we needed yet ANOTHER post about red!). Red lipstick was the first makeup I ever bought. It was Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door [...]

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Red Pants: Trend or Investment?

by jennine October 18, 2011

Once I said in 1998… “Leopard print is so 1997.” I’ve said similar things about camouflage, army green, platform shoes, one shoulder dresses, grey…. and to my knowledge most of those things have hung around. Red pants came on the scene last year. They were just right, adding a “pop of color” to an otherwise [...]

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On the Streets: You Can Rely on Red

by jennine October 13, 2011

Yesterday on Twitter, I asked, “Do you think red pants will hang on another season?” The overwhelming response to that was yes! And “Yes, I hope so, because I just bought a pair” and “Yes, I still love my red pants.” The thing is, no matter what, you can wear red. Any season, any year, [...]

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The Morning Makeup Routine

by jennine October 11, 2011

Wow, there is nothing more eye opening than laying out every product you use every morning. I swear I chalked myself up as someone who doesn’t really wear all that much makeup. Last week’s IFB Project assigned us to talk about our makeup routine, and while I’ve shared bits and pieces, never all at once. [...]

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We are the 99 Percent: Occupy Wall Street Photo Diary

by jennine October 10, 2011

We’re taking a break from The Coveted’s regular topics today. I don’t normally like to consider myself a political person. Sure, I have my opinions, but more often than not I tend to keep them to myself. The Occupy Wall Street movement is voicing the growing frustration over Wall Street’s practices. That Wall Street is [...]

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Dressing Up Causal Fall Fridays

by jennine October 7, 2011

I love, love, love wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. Sometimes. Today was just one of those days, when I said, “Sweatshirt and jeans.” Fall is creeping in, the chilly mornings, the dry air blowing in. I love every second of it. Believe it or not, a sweatshirt can be dressed up. Fancy sweats, as I [...]

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Winter Boots: Aldo x Christian Cota

by jennine October 5, 2011

This is the first week in New York I have pulled out my sweaters and wool scarves for the fall season. It’s cold with a tinge of warm, but lord knows in a few months it’ll be FREEZING. Last year I bought a cute pair of lace up booties from Aldo which lasted me all [...]

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VIDEO: DIY Waxed Jeans in 10 minutes

by jennine October 4, 2011

Last year I bought a pair of J Brand Waxed jeans. I loved the shiny leather look to them. Unfortunately the wax wore off over time and the jeans lost their luster. Getting another pair of waxed jeans seemed out of the question if they only had a lifespan of a year, so I picked [...]

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Coveted Perfume: Fam by So Oud

by jennine September 29, 2011

I’ve been on the perfume hunt forever… and ever it seems.  Most perfumes give me a headache, they make me sneeze, my skin crawl, scalp tingle. But from a distance the notion of a woman who smells pretty is a very appealing one.  Over the years I’ve been looking at boutique perfumes, as they tend [...]

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