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Beautiful Tuesdays : Color me Green

Post by Kezia:
As a kid, I loved poring over the pages of the Avon catalogue and wandering around the makeup aisle in Walgreens. I’m still hooked on beauty products and I wince to think about how much I’ve spent on them over the years. What pains me more than lost dollars, though, is my excessive […]

Beautiful Tuesdays : Rainy Day Makeover

On Saturday, Jennine and I played with colorful makeup from M.A.C’s new Fafi collection, brightening an otherwise dreary, rainy day with carefree colors.
When it comes to makeup, I’m a lightweight. My staples are tinted moisturizer, concealer, lip balm and black mascara. I’m ready to broaden my horizons. I’ve shied away from bright hues because I […]

Beautiful Tuesdays : How to Glow

Post by Kezia :
I am so ready to shed my pasty winter pallor for the luminous, lit-from-within skin of my dreams.

Beautiful Tuesdays: Magical Runway Makeup

Post by Kezia:
I can be a bit myopic when it comes to fashion and adornment. Don’t get me wrong, I adore clothes, accessories, makeup and shoes. I just have rigid ideas (for myself, mainly) about what works and what doesn’t work and rarely divert from that path (I’m a fixed sign: Scorpio; we’re stubborn like […]

Beautiful Tuesdays : What’s Your Regimen?

Post by Kezia:
I’m beyond flattered that Jennine asked me to contribute to this lovely and amazing blog. While skincare is my primary interest, I delight in all things beauty and invite you to share your questions, thoughts and obsessions with me.
What’s Your Regimen?
I have lots of products. Though I should know better, I’m […]

Beautiful Tuesdays

Kezia has made little appearances here and there on this blog, she is a good friend of mine, and professional writer. Over the years, she’s mostly written for the web, and she’s also an esthetician. Which is probably why she has the most beautiful flawless skin I’ve ever known, which is a great feat for […]