So, I know the lore is that a lot of fashion bloggers rely on their boyfriends/husbands to take photos of them. I found that it doesn’t work in my relationship with my SO. I rely on my friends for this, especially blogger friends. One of my favorite blogging friends, is Kristen, aka, Stylenik, who we meet and snap photos of each other, …


Wearing a Trench Coat, “California Style”


What does it mean when someone says, “California Style?” I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, since Kelsi Smith alerted me (not personally, but generally) to the description of “Los Angeles Style” from Lucky Mag.  That, and being asked, “What is San Francisco style?” a few times in the last few weeks has got me wondering if I need …

jennineWearing a Trench Coat, “California Style”

Old Clothes, New Issues


  Wearing: Drawstring Shirt Dress: Aritzia • Brown pumps • Schutz • Grey Handbag: Proenza Schouler • Grey Sunglasses: Super   Sometimes old news is good news. You see this dress? Not only is it a form of leopard print.  It’s a dress I’ve had for a long time, well, three years.  Funnily enough I’m also wearing the same sunglasses. Why …

jennineOld Clothes, New Issues

Edgy Preppy


For a long time I’ve been trying to figure out what my “style” was. I’m not a badass, that’s for sure. I’m also not buttoned up and proper. One day while figuring out what I liked, it dawned on me that it lies somewhere between edgy and preppy. While it’s a trend that’s floating around it’s a nice place to …

jennineEdgy Preppy

Shades of Burgundy

shades of burgundy3

Burgundy had a moment in the 90′s. At least that’s how I remember it. Dying my hair burgundy because it was somewhere in between red, brown and purple. This year, it’s made it’s return, and I love it. First of all it’s an autumn color, and I pretty much love all of those rich hues, almost as much as I …

jennineShades of Burgundy