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Send Your Eye Bags Packing

Therapy and self-help books help you deal with your emotional baggage, but what about the luggage under your eyes? Whether they’re caused by allergies, lack of sleep, crying, soy sauce or genetics, puffy eyes are the bane of my my beauty existence.
I’m usually disappointed or underwhelmed by eye creams, gels etc. The claims/promises (diminishes undereye [...]

Zap Zits with Light Therapy

Many acne sufferers think that natural or artificial UV light will help dry up their blemishes and prevent new ones from forming. However, there isn’t any medical evidence that sunlight will clear up acne lesions. What UV light will do for your skin is prematurely age it and increase your risk of skin cancer. Plus, [...]

Are Cosmetics Recession Proof?

Back in May I wrote about the Lipstick Effect (a.k.a. the Lipstick Indicator), the idea that consumers will indulge in less-expensive feel-good items in a bad economy. Historically, lipstick sales surge during economic or political turbulence.
Well, here we are five months later in a full-blown recession. The news hasn’t been pretty at all—what with global [...]

Oil of Aloha

I’m back from Kauai. OK, I actually returned a few weeks ago. I’ve neglected my Beautiful Tuesdays posts, and I apologize. Here’s what happened. After a fabulously relaxing, idyllic tropical holiday, my relationship ended — and it wasn’t my choice. Anyway, the last few weeks have been rough. For my own mental health, I needed [...]

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