So, I know the lore is that a lot of fashion bloggers rely on their boyfriends/husbands to take photos of them. I found that it doesn’t work in my relationship with my SO. I rely on my friends for this, especially blogger friends. One of my favorite blogging friends, is Kristen, aka, Stylenik, who we meet and snap photos of each other, …


Harem Pants: The Slow-Burn Trend

  I remember way back in 2008, I found this pair of harem pants at a flea market. Excited about them, I posted them on this blog saying that one should be careful to mix your vintage (looks) or you’ll look like you’re in a time warp. Well, the harem pant has indeed had quite a few updates from the …

jennineHarem Pants: The Slow-Burn Trend

Summer Staple: The Denim Shirtdress


Since moving to San Francisco, I have become a weather wimp. Like, if it dips below 60° I’m cold. If it goes above 68° I’m hot. So basically, there is an 8° window when I’m just fine. Luckily, that’s most days here, but since moving to Potrero Hill, we get more sunny warm days than any other part of the …

jennineSummer Staple: The Denim Shirtdress

A Nautical Inspired Outfit for the Landlubber


Even though I am a Navy brat, I’ve only been sailing once in my life. One spring break, I visited my friend in Rome, who took me sailing in Tuscany. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well, as soon as we left the harbor, for six hours straight I vomited. Six hours. Since then, I may ride the ferry across the San …

jennineA Nautical Inspired Outfit for the Landlubber

Leather Shorts Makes Everything Fancy


Leather shorts. They’re one of those things you think you can’t possibly pull off. Their image lies somewhere between lederhosen and dominatrix… and maybe a little bit of both for that matter. I’ve had my go at leather shorts over the years, I had this pair of brown leather shorts from Topshop that I just had the hardest time making …

jennineLeather Shorts Makes Everything Fancy

Cozy Autumn Knits


It’s officially sweater season. I keep collecting sweaters that all have a very similar theme, slightly oversized, chunky, and super cozy. There is something very comforting about snuggling up with a chunky sweater, and when the weather starts cooling down it’s time to get the most out of snuggling up. Personally, I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with chunky knits, …

jennineCozy Autumn Knits

Edgy Preppy


For a long time I’ve been trying to figure out what my “style” was. I’m not a badass, that’s for sure. I’m also not buttoned up and proper. One day while figuring out what I liked, it dawned on me that it lies somewhere between edgy and preppy. While it’s a trend that’s floating around it’s a nice place to …

jennineEdgy Preppy