Bjork has recently come out with some new music… along with a new look, which is always beyond the reaches of common aesthetics, even for performers. It got me thinking about how much of an effect Bjork had on my own personal aesthetic. Which over the course of my life is really quite profound, I really don’t know what I …


Today’s Attire : Gorgeous Monday

It’s Monday, and gorgeous. I’ve not caffinated myself enough to have a witty entry… but my outfit is comforable. Glasses: H&MTie-front Blouse: Vintage 1940′sPencil Skirt: Club MonacoShoes: Vintage 1980′s

jennineToday’s Attire : Gorgeous Monday

Shoe D’Jour: Woven

Hmm… I love what I’m seeing in terms of sandals now-a-days… Frye makes some sturdy looking shoes, I’ve never owned a pair, but I like them. These wedges look lovely…Gwen Woven T-Strap, $160.

jennineShoe D’Jour: Woven


This is one of my all-time favorite songs, made into a video with one of my all-time favorite cartoons! Jem so cool, I used to dream of being just like her…the way she could just change her outfit by touching her earring. If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is… Jem VS Le Tigre : Deceptacon


Today’s Attire : Neutral Madness

Today is lovely, beautiful Saturday, so I’m not going to go too much into what I’m wearing because I’d rather be outside! Jacket: VintageTank: Old NavySilk Skirt: WalterBangles: Heirloom, Forever21Shoes: from Mascara Vintage

jennineToday’s Attire : Neutral Madness

Shoe D’Jour: Vintage Grey Sandals

Today is soo lovely out, and people are streaming the streets wearing sunglasses and shorts. I stopped by one of my favorite boutiques in the neighborhood, Mascara Vintage, and got these. I love grey! And I don’t know if it’s the age of the leather, or they were made that way, but they’re slightly crinkled and it looks really cool. …

jennineShoe D’Jour: Vintage Grey Sandals

Inspiration: Zefrey Throwell

Zefrey Throwell is my friend. It’s a delight to know his quirky demeanor… and wicked sense of humor! Also, it’s so inpiring to see him at work, which is all the time, you can almost see the wheels turning, gathering information, filing away compositions in ZefreyVision (I made that up, but that’s what I see). He just keeps doing what …

jennineInspiration: Zefrey Throwell