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Booty : Second Hand

I was out and about today, trying to be good about shopping, but I caved. Painted Bird on Guerrero, is fast becoming my favorite shop, it’s nothing short of awesome. Thank god, it’s on the other side of town, so I have to make an effort to go there, but today I happened to be in the Mission, so I stopped in.
Black & White Tie Front Blouse….
Silk blouse.The photo doesn’t pick up on how vibrant the color is, it’s almost a neon pink with bright yellow and blue embroidery.
Marc Jacobs nude-colored silk skirt. This was a real find! I think it was like $30. I’m not sure if the beading was added at the factory or by it’s previous owner. But either way, I fell in love.

Cole Haan Espadrilles, these were $25 or something like that… practically new. I’m not a huge fan of rope shoes, but these are different, they’re just beautiful. Ok, I know, my apartment must be full of shoes, and let me tell you… it is.
The knee-hi socks are deadstock, and are from VerUnica, on Hayes and Gough. Great Vintage shop! They also had some really great deadstock hosiery and dresses, but I was trying to be good, so I just got these because I could use some socks.

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One comment for “Booty : Second Hand”

  1. these are really great!!!
    I esp. love the marc jacobs skirt. esp. with the red beading…

    Posted by f&art | May 13, 2007, 5:32 pm

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