Finnish Buttons

Montmarte’s Sketchbook posted a photograph by Anni Leppälä, I was instantly taken by the beauty and simplicity of the photograph. I love the artist’s statement about photography:I want to approach the momentariness of living through constancy. The paradox is that when you try to conserve or protect a moment by stopping it, you inevitably lose it at the same time. …

jennineFinnish Buttons

Today’s Attire : Waistcoat

It’s really hard to be alive, conscious of the fashion world and not be even a little bit influenced by Kate Moss. I tried to resist, but it got to me. I don’t even like to follow who’s modeling what that much. I don’t even care how much these chicks weigh. Except, I am stoked Irina is a brunette! (I …

jennineToday’s Attire : Waistcoat

Streets of SF: Summer Cozies

Ok, ok, I know, I really am quite aware that the rest of the world has summer in full swing. You guys get cold at nite though? Do you? Please say yes. Well, here, it’s pretty much skitzophrenic as far as weather is concerned, so you’ll need your sweater handy all year ’round. I love how these two women look, …

jennineStreets of SF: Summer Cozies

Snippet of Reality

I rode the bus yesterday. Normally I walk… but I had to meet Joe and Kezia across town. It’s fascinating how we squish together in this capsule, and remain in our own little worlds. Three of us acknowledge eachother… in silence.

jennineSnippet of Reality

Today’s Attire : Old Lace

Today, I’m wearing a bunch of layers of lace. A slip… a vintage dress worn backwards (I like the v-neck, zipper and pleats).There is nothing profound to say about it, only the dress was under $10.: )

jennineToday’s Attire : Old Lace

Brownies & Frownies

Last night I made it to my favorite beauty supply shoppe, it’s way over priced, but they have a great selection of products for me to play with and inspect. I just thought I’d share with you my purchases…ARTec color depositing shampoo, in Walnut. My hair is brown, I’ve tried highlights, lowlights, and hair coloring. It’s just so expensive to …

jennineBrownies & Frownies

Aussie Mega Sale

Since Elizabeth Charles opened on Filmore Street, I’ve been oooing and awing at the clothes in the window display, beautiful dresses, but I’ve always been to focused on other things to stop in. Finally last Saturday, I saw a woman in a cafe wearing the most beautiful long black jersey dress. It was just incredible, I stoped my conversation, and …

jennineAussie Mega Sale