Shoe D’Jour : Greetings from an origami world


Taking cues from IKEA might be the way of the future.
 Flat-packed shoes you can assemble yourself. Insert the reinforcements and cut costs for a lovely sustainable piece of footwear.

Who knew you could actually have origami pumps you can fold yourself? It’s one of those ideas that I slap my own forehead over. It would be interesting to see if these stick around, or if they would be easily customizable. Perhaps some kind of Open Source footwear?

jennineShoe D’Jour : Greetings from an origami world

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  1. Ashe Mischief

    These are really interesting! I have to wonder about the sustainability (as you’re cutting costs by cutting product, but how long would they last? Would you eventually create more waste by using more inserts & flimsy materials?) and comfort with them (do they provide enough stability and comfort for the foot to be worn).

    They’re beautifully designed, though, and I’d love to find out more behind the thinkers of these shoes.

  2. Post

    you’re right… i guess the sustainability would have to depend on the materials and the actual engineering of folds…
    there are other factors, like dyes, glues, fabrics, etc that make a product eco friendly or not.

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