Five Questions for Cooperative Designs

by jennine on March 31, 2009

Cooperative Designs is a London based design duo Annalisa Dunn and Dorothee Hagemann known for their playful designs and unreal silhouettes. This year their collection is inspired by a friend, and homage to her personal style.  I really love their work, as they make very special pieces overflowing with personality. Delighted to meet with Dorothee at London Fashion week, we were able to get a small interview…

[The Coveted] The two of you work together on your label Cooperative Designs, you also tend to include other people in your collections, hence the cooperation. What do you find most valuable about cooperating? Most rewarding?

[Cooperaitive Designs] Learning from other people and being inspired by other people and inspiring other people… It´s nice to see how other designers interpret your own work or the brief you give them. We have also done some consultancy work for other designers like Hussein Chalayan, - who always was one of my most favourite fashion designers, and I feel honored to be able to do work with him -, and the menswear designer Tim Soar. We have also done a special collaboration with the department store Henry Bendel, which is in the shop now.

It´s always different, always a challenge.

[TC] Your latest collection is inspired by your friend Amy Gwatkin.. who is she, and what makes her a muse?

[CD] Amy is a good friend of ours and a very talented fashion photographer. (She did our look books for SS08 and AW 08/09.) She also has an amazing and very creative personal style. One day she came to our studio before she was going to see her accountant, dressed up in an attempt to look formal. We found this very amusing and tried to copy her off key elegance with our collection.
Amy deserves to be a fashion icon!

[TC] How did you get hooked up with Scott Ramsay Kale, who did the embroidery for the fall collection?
[CD] We met Scott during the MA at Central Saint Martins College. After graduation we shared our studio with him for about a year. - A collaboration was over due.

[TC] How does English culture or humor manifest itself in your work?

[CD] We always try to give things humorous, slightly ironical side… Our pompom jumper from this season for example is a playful take on fur. I don´t know if that is specifically English (I am from Germany, Annalisa is English), but I believe that every creative person gets influenced by their surrounding and since we live in London, it would be the English culture our case…

[TC] Just for kicks, can you tell us your favorite joke?
[CD] Sorry, we both don´t know any jokes.

❤ Here are some pieces I saw of the fall collection at LFW.. click to see larger view ❤

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susie_bubble March 31, 2009 at 2:17 pm

I love the Cooperative Design girls!

freya April 1, 2009 at 4:50 am

wow, loving the designs. The way they have combined patterns, really created a unique look

Imelda Matt April 1, 2009 at 11:14 pm

How can they not know any jokes? Everyone knows at least one joke…I don’t trust people who can’t tell a joke. The clothes indicate they have a sense of humor.

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