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Are Baggy, Footless Tights In Your Fashion Future?

Note from Jenine: This is a guest post from Stylehive, we’ll be doing a weekly post exchange. See our post here.

I’m all for most hosiery trends, whether it be two-toned, crazy-patterned, or studded leg wear. And I’ve never been an opponent of “tights as pants,” as long as it’s done tastefully. But I have to [...]

Double Double

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and some ideas are so simple, yet so innovative, it’s inspiring just to think about them. What am I going on about here? Well, Ben from  Take Off Your Clothes and I did a little barter/exchange, and out of it I got this lovely double t-shirt dress.  Quite [...]

Coveted Illustrated: PAPERFASHION

As much as I love photography, there is nothing more personal than seeing one’s interpretation of the world through what they create with their own hands. Yesterday, I was blown away by Katie from PAPERFASHION,  one of my favorite blogger-illustrators, had sent an illustration of me in my most casual weekend attire. On PAPERFASHION Katie [...]

Korres Eco-Beauty News and a Coveted Deal

The popular, Greek eco-beauty line Korres has opened its first U.S. online store, where I’ve been discovering tons of cool products I didn’t know existed until now. To celebrate the store’s launch, Korres has a deal just for Coveted readers. You can get a sweet 30% off your entire online purchase until September 15th by using the code COVETED at korresusa.com.

New Bike New City

Well, we made it to Chicago all in one piece. I actually never thought I’d be living here, but day two into the Chicago experience, and the city is really lovely. For some reason though, I imagined that it would be more compact, but it’s actually very spread out, and after one day of walking [...]

Bobbi Brown Ivy League Collection: Review and Makeup Lesson Video

Right on the heels of Nude Collection, Bobbi Brown brings us another lovely new collection for fall. The Ivy League Collection focuses on shades of ivy and products for the woman on the go. There are new eye pencils and lip crayons, a new shade of her amazing gel liner, limited-edition shadows, and a new, essential makeup brush.

Links à la Mode: A stylish new world

Here we go with this week’s round of stylish links. Editing this week was quite difficult as there were so many great links to choose from and everyone had some fantastic news on the fashion front. One of the great things about the internet is that we can all find out what the smaller labels are doing and thinking. This week we have great interviews from 39th and Broadway, Fabulous Finds Gal, Style Gourmand and A Typical Atypical. We also have a brilliant DIY project on what to do with your fabric scraps on Brick My Lane.

Truly No BS from Cosmedicine

Cosmedicine has been running a really interesting ad campaign about them serving up no beauty BS in an industry that’s often full of it. Ever buy an expensive beauty product full of claims to solve your beauty woes only to be utterly disappointed? Personally, I love the ads and Cosmedicine’s unique approach to beauty. I’ve found the products really live up to the claims.

Sponsored Post: Must Have Shoes

One night I couldn’t sleep, and like all insomniacs, I turned to the internet… where Imelda Matt informed me of this parrot boot to egg on my sleeplessness. It’s been a while since I’d thought of Irregular Choice, and by a while, I mean maybe a month? But I really love the selection of outrageous [...]

Mummy Dearest

As a kid, I had a fascination with macabre movies. I liked normal kids movies, but my parents were very liberal with what I could watch… Rated R’ didn’t mean anything in my house. Which is probably why I saw at a young age, films like ‘Mommy Dearest,’ ‘Poltergeist’, ‘Clash of the Titans,’ ‘Invasion of [...]


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