6 Everyday Jewelry Pieces for Sensitive Skin Under $50


My skin is a snob.

While *I* love to wear costume jewelry, and especially the trendy stuff, my skin will not allow it. My skin itches with everything that is not gold or silver. Gold plate is ok, but it often wears off if I wear it every day.

I’m also lazy.

I like to have a few pieces that I don’t have to take off every time I take a shower, or wash my hands, or go to bed. I’ve lost some really nice pieces by taking them off to wash my hands. So that’s also off the table.

I don’t always like to spend a TON of money on trendy pieces.

I’m still wearing my $25 silver wedding band that was supposed to be a place holder five years ago. Eventually I will take the plunge with something better, but for now I am getting to know what kinds of pieces I will love enough to make the investment of fine jewelry.

So now you know what my criteria is for finding jewelry to wear every day, these are the pieces I’m actually wearing. Photographed just before sitting down to write this post. I’ve been wearing the necklace and bracelets every day since my birthday in the beginning of March. The gold fill rings since April and just received the silver ring this week. They are all $100 (each, not all together, silly!)


Gold fill pieces are great if you can’t afford solid gold and like the look of gold. I was nervous that they wouldn’t hold up over time, because I’ve had bad luck with gold plate, however these pieces have held up well for a few months anyway. I love how lightweight they are which is great for someone who types or doesn’t like clunky or restrictive jewelry. There’s a lot of great sellers on Etsy who work with gold fill and you can find some really great trendy pieces that have about the same cost of gold tone jewelry you’d find at a place like Topshop or Baublebar.

Sterling silver is another affordable option for sensitive skin. Although, everyone probably already knows that, as well as the availability of trendy pieces in silver. It’s great to mix and match with gold or gold fill!

So here is the list of what I’m wearing! From the top:

  1. Skinny Nameplate Necklace: shopLUCA $49 (In gold fill, customized with Jasper’s name on it)
  2. Crisscross Ring: HappyWayJewelry $42 (In 925 sterling silver and cubic zircon)
  3. STACKERS smooth stacking ring: MoodJewelry $14 (14k gold fill)
  4. Chevron Ring: BruteBeauti $20 (rose gold fill)
  5. Minimalist Bangle: RuxiTirisi $45 (rose gold fill)
  6. Arrow Bracelet: shopLUCA $50 (out of stock, but similar nameplate bracelet is in stock)

What jewelry are you wearing this summer? Do tell!


jennine6 Everyday Jewelry Pieces for Sensitive Skin Under $50

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  1. save. spend. splurge.

    I want that Windrose ring by the Olsens. It looks so elegant and minimalist… It actually looks a lot like your ring on your index finger.

  2. Lisa

    I’m with you in the jewelry-sensitive skin camp. To the point where I can’t wear anything but 14K gold in my ears. No impulse jewelry buys in this world:). I love the stuff you show.

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  4. amie

    My secret is glass rings and bakelite rings. There are some great ones out there, I love collecting!

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