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It’s not everyday that you come across something that really has the potential to become the “next big thing.” There are sooo many talented fashion designers out there with smart looking collections that seem to be perpetually stuck in the “emerging” category. Then there are the labels that have financial backing and seem to go on forever with their less than appealing collections that you don’t know who on earth is wearing them.

However, every once in a while you’ll come across a brand with excellent design and perhaps even the financial backing/and or business savvy to become the next big thing. Trademark is such a brand. Founded in 2013 by sisters Alexandra and Louisa Burch (daughters of Chris Burch) Trademark has for the past three seasons created stellar collections that are both wearable and priced a bit higher than J. Crew, but not as expensive as, say Tory Burch. Knowing Chris Burch has had his eye on entering into the fashion space for some time by launching C. Wonder which drew some controversy as it obviously took some branding pointers from his ex-wife’s successful label Tory Burch. Trademark couldn’t be farther from the two other labels.

Then again, I’m speculating here. But it seems that if the design and ethos of creating a fashionable uniform at affordable prices  continues, we’ll have a juggernaut of a label here.

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See the full collection and online store at Trade-Mark.com

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  1. idilvice

    Hi, I heard about this collection but never seen anything… it looks like a mix of Prada and Jil Sander… I like it… the coats and the knits drive this line though…

  2. charles

    Not really my personal style but I could see some of those coats being awesome styled my way…Definitely high fashion though! Cool post.


  3. Francesca

    minimal with a little infusion of Marni. Incredibly impressed by the dresses: nerdy sexy. Thank you for sharing!

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