Konjac Cleansing Puffs Make Washing Your Face Way Easier


Ever since our trip to Korea, I’ve been obsessed with Korean beauty products. Granted, this trend in skincare is Japanese in origin, I first discovered Konjac cleansing puffs at The Face Shop, a Korean beauty brand.

An avid, avid, avid Clarisonic user, the idea of gently exfoliating and deep cleansing has been one of my key goals with my face. However, the Clarisonic is no Holy Grail. It’s rough on my skin, it’s expensive, the batteries run low, when you change the head there is all kinds of gross stuff wedged in there. Oh man, I just threw up. Not to mention, it’s probably not GOOD for the environment, with all it’s electronic bits and pieces. Not to mention, I accidentally left my Clarisonic at my brother’s house, and he hasn’t mailed it back. Hey John, I can you mail it back already?

Anyhoo, instead of replacing my Clarisonic, I opted for buying the Konjac and Charcoal Cleansing puff from The Face Shop. I have to say, at $7, it’s really quite amazing. I’ve been using it for the past nine months, and to be honest, I haven’t felt the urge to get my Clarisonic back. And I tell you, I used to freak out if the batteries ran out and I couldn’t use it that morning.

Made from Devil’s Tongue Jelly and Bamboo Charcoal, this cleansing sponge is gentle enough to use every day, yet it exfoliates and cleanses pores. What’s more, is that it’s completely biodegradable.


I got sick of transporting my Konjac puff from the shower to the sink every day, so I decided to get a gentler version, which is just pure Devil’s Tongue Jelly. So, to cleanse twice a day (I use different cleansers for night and day) it will be gentler when I don’t have to scrub off that makeup from the day.

Using this sponge sure as hell beats using washcloths too. Because really, who wants to wash all those washcloths every week?


jennineKonjac Cleansing Puffs Make Washing Your Face Way Easier

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  1. déjà pseu

    I remove the head of my Clarisonic after each use to let the parts dry out completely. No gunk. But still, these look intriguing for my non-C days.

    1. Post
  2. grechen

    i’ve been using one of these (by the eco tools brand i think) for a while, and i love it. it’s very nice on my sensitive skin - feels great - but i’ve never used a clarisonic, so i have nothing to compare it with ;)

  3. Ulli

    I heard of them and had forgotten and I was just looking at a Clairsonic, but rather spend the money on some crazy shoes that I just found (praying they are still there….50 minutes until the store opens;)

    Priorities, right.:) ANYWAY. I just looked up and I can get these right around the corner. Will be heading there shortly. Thanks for the recommendation and reminder.

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