Pierrot Halloween Costume, Mostly Homemade


Earlier this week I spoke about what I was going to be for Halloween. Pierrot, the 17th century clown, but obviously, modernized.

I’m hosting a carnival themed Halloween party for toddlers, so of course I wanted to have a comfortable, yet fun costume to wear for the day. So after looking through all the images of clowns on Pinterest, I nailed down the clown look from items (mostly) in my wardrobe. A white dress from H&M, my Jeffrey Campbell cut out booties and polka-dot socks were already in my closet. The clown hat I made from felt, fabric stiffener, pom-poms, a headband and hot glue. The collar was a $10 tutu with ball fringe hot glued on. And the dress, I just used safety pins to attach the black pom-poms. The costume was surprisingly sturdy as I pedaled through town on my bike to get it photographed by my friend Liisa (you should check out her SF Looks blog, it’s great).

Anyway! This is what I’ll be! I’m deciding on doing the hair and makeup depending on how much time I have tomorrow!

pierrot_hat_1 pierrot_shoes_1

Happy Halloween!

Photos by Lissa Jokinen

jenninePierrot Halloween Costume, Mostly Homemade

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  1. Mariana

    I love it! Your photo looks almost exactly like this postcard I had from Paris 25 years ago of Pierrot!

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