So, I know the lore is that a lot of fashion bloggers rely on their boyfriends/husbands to take photos of them. I found that it doesn’t work in my relationship with my SO. I rely on my friends for this, especially blogger friends. One of my favorite blogging friends, is Kristen, aka, Stylenik, who we meet and snap photos of each other, have coffee/donuts/etc. and hang out. It always makes for a nice afternoon!

Well, I was going to talk about a whole other thing about the outfit I wore yesterday, about how I have this Edgy Preppy thing going as a recurring theme in my life. But as Kristen came to my house, rang the doorbell and I opened the door, one thing became apparent.

We were both wearing a fisherman’s sweater with leather pants.

Now, I’ve written about this thing before. People hanging out together and getting on the same wavelength sartorially speaking. Though I’d have to say it doesn’t really happen to me as much since I went back to working from home. But I still have my regular peeps I like to meet with, so I don’t become a weirdo recluse.



Anyway, so our friendships. They have more influence on our style choices than we think.


Wearing: Trench: Everlane • Fishermans Sweater: Joie • Faux leather pants: Aritzia • Loafers: Zara • Bag: Proenza Schouler 

Photo by Kristen Philipkoski


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  1. Kristen

    So honored to be on your blog, twin! What a fun day!! I’m going to try telepathy and see if it happens next time too :D

    1. Post
  2. grechen

    i love this. and you got the everlane trench! yay! i really like it on you…

    it always ends up that my closest friends and i buy the same exact things, so in austin, we joked that we should coordinate (or not coordinate, actually) before getting together, because it was likely that we could wear the same thing. which never would have bothered me actually…

    1. Post

      It does happen that friends buy the same things, because, well, I’m always like…”that looks cute on you!” Then I buy it myself.

      Yes, LOVE the Everlane trench. I didn’t love the teeshirts as much, but the trench was so worth the wait!

  3. Jessica

    Ha, that’s kind of adorable! Has this ever happened to you with your significant other? Sometimes, my parents end up matching their outfits without doing it on purpose, it’s uncanny (and ridiculously cute)!

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