California Winter


Most of my life I lived in California. I had no idea what it meant when people said, “The weather is so beautiful here!” I always just rolled my eyes and said, “Okaaaayy.” It wasn’t until living in New York where it’s hardly ever “perfect.” The freezing winters the smoldering summers, the hurricanes. When I took my first breath off the airplane, I knew it was perfect here.

That said, I do miss the winter bundling. Not that I ever want to be cold again, but you know the beautiful wool coats, the leather boots, the cashmere sweaters. The hats and gloves. I just loved all that. I just did not love NEEDING to wear it. Anyway, so after a rainy few weeks, the sun came out and while it’s December, it could very well be April or May outside. So I dress up my blazer over my t-shirt with a wool scarf. It’s a nod to winter, even if it is a California winter.

Also.. in other unrelated news. I LOVE HIGH WAISTED JEANS. That’s all I wear now. In fact, yesterday I wore a pair of mid-rise jeans and they damn near felt like they were going to fall off, even though they were also giving me muffin top. High waisted jeans give me a better shape than the most brutal pair of Spanx, and they’re 10 times more comfortable. I got this pair of jeans at Sandro, and my god, worth every penny.

Wearing: Blazer: Joie • T-Shirt & Scarf: H&M • Jeans: Sandro • Boots: Rachel Comey • Bag: Maiyet • Sunglasses: Prada

Photo by Lissa Jokinen

jennineCalifornia Winter

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  1. Kori

    I completely agree with you!!! Being a So Cal native, I’ve always wanted beautiful Autumns and a White Christmas, but the older I get, the more appreciative I am to have summer clothes and 60 degree weather clothes. Haha! Merry Christmas and God bless! Kori xoxo


  2. Megan

    I LOVE high waist jeans!! They are so much more comfortable than regular jeans and they actually make you hold your posture! Now my mom can’t complain about my slouching anymore :)

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