The Long Walk Home

Every day I walk to and from work. Lucky me. I live close enough!

The light was particularly amazing today.

jennineThe Long Walk Home

Montgomery Street: Rush hour

She’s got a great use of texture with this patterned skirt! It’s always good to spice up non-colors with patterns. I used to have a phobia of patterns and started with small geometric ones. Nowadays, I’m a little out of control. But who cares? It’s fun!

Teal coat… it’s really refreshing to see in the Financial District on a weekday morning.

jennineMontgomery Street: Rush hour

Today’s Attire 02.20.07

Today is back to work after a three day weekend. Forcast says it may rain. But they’ve been saying for days!

Dress: Vintage from friend

Jacket: Forever 21

Belt: Vintage from American Rag

Shoes: Vintage Ferragamo

Sunglasses: Vintage Dior on eBay

Other Accessories: Earrings: dasha botuique, necklaces: heirlooms, eBay, bangle: Forever 21, tights: Spanx (they work!)

jennineToday’s Attire 02.20.07

Coveted Manifesto

*be inspired*be stylish*be lovely*be coveted*

The Coveted is a place to be inspired.

The goal here is to gather snippets of style inspiration so you can create a look that is good for you. The Coveted likes to find new talent, real fashionistas, artists, writers, screen muses and share them with you so your day can be a little brighter.

Inspiration is coveted.

jennineCoveted Manifesto

President’s Day in Union Square

Lately I’ve been obsessing over shorts. I want them. Here’s a good example of how to wear them in this town. Shorts are from H&M. Also, red coats rule!
These ladies were so nice… photo students…causal and fun! We took pictures of each other. Good luck with your class!
These jeans were found at Buffalo Exchange.
Con Artist: my two favorite things… converse and gold. together at last!

Kezia is one of my favorite friends! Aside from all her other great qualities, everytime she wears this necklace, it looks so nice, and I wish I had a gemstone necklace too. One day… one day…
This guy is sporting an urban preppy look. The cuffs make it cool…
She’s got a great way of pulling of cams and hearts. The red clutch is great, I only wish that I could fit all my stuff in that!

I love these hats! They almost never go out of fahsion, but these guys look so cool in them. It may be more them than the hats they’re in.

jenninePresident’s Day in Union Square